LA – My journey here..

Well.. After years just working, being a mom and hopefully a supportive wife, I realized it was about time to start using my head once again. And while writing this, I really understand that both mind and creativity is way way back in there (hopefully). And I need to work hard to get them out of their hiding places. I used to see myself as a creative person. But the last 10 years my creativity has not had to much room nor time to grow. So I`m looking forward to start being creative again.

I`ve always loved photography, making things, art, colors and pretty things. All this combined, and the urge to get more knowledge, resulted in me wanting to study graphic design on Noroff Nettstudier.

I studied car mechanics for two years before taking a third year with core subjects to get my diploma. After this I wanted to make some of my marks better so I did some online studies.  But that is some years ago, and alot has happened in schooling since that. I think this is going to be both hard and extremely interesting. And I hope it doesn’t take me to long to get the hang of this internet studying thing.

Since much of my work revolves around making layouts and ads, I thought it would be good to get some more knowledge about this. I want to do a better job, and me learning more, may result in me getting to do even more of this. And in the future even catalogs and bigger ads.

As an addition to this text I had to add a self portrait, which was not a photograph. I really twisted my brain to figure out what that could be..
So this is me.. Out the box..



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