LA – Understanding positioning Q 1

This is what I consider the positioning of the following logos to be:

Skjermbilde 2016-04-29 kl. 14.38.38


This logo is simple, but appealing. Its only two colors, but I think they really work!
The logo is well known all around the world, and I think a lot of people choose Coca Cola just because its Coca Cola. I know I do. Im a big Coca Cola fan myself, and id rather choose the real deal instead of products that are similar.


This logo has four colors, and some shades. I like the logo, and it fits both the car front and back very well. It looks neat.
I remember as a child i thought it only was a “W”, but as i got older and started reading I could see the “V” aswell.
In my family we have had a few VW, so to me this logo represents a safe and nice car.


As a child this logo represented money to me. And it still does. I also think it represents loyalty and safety. Its an simple and good logo, with its three colors and neat lines. It kind of looks like a flag, and to me that symbolizes that this is a product you can use worldwide. It also has the shape of a credit card, which also is a product it represents.


LA – Sketching techniques

In this learning activity we were supposed to do an illustration for a fruit juice packaging.
First by drawing 15 scamps, and then working out the label in Illustrator.

I really liked working on this assignment. But when I started out with the drawing in Illustrator, I found it difficult. I have never done anything in Illustrator before, so this was interesting. I actually made four illustrations before I got to one I liked.

Here is some pictures of the process.


I ended up with this one:

Loose juice 7


All in all I enjoyed this task, even though I pull my hair sometimes trying to figure stuff out in Illustrator. Things got easier when I started to remember the shortcuts. I also played around a lot, so I discovered new things.

I look forward to learn more in Illustrator, and to get the hang of the shortcuts.


LA – Idea Development Q 3.2

In this learning activity the SCAMPER method was supposed to make you come up with another kind of packaging for rice. Since there is already so many different packages for rice, this was a tough nut to crack.



Substitute By substituting the cardboard box with a braided bamboo bowl, you`ll end up with another kind of boil in bag – the boil in bowl. And after the rice is done boiling, the bowl can be used as both a colander and serving bowl.

Combine I would combine all kinds of rice, and store them in separate containers inside the main container. You could easily make the rice  of your very own preference.

Adapt I like the “family pack” idea. If we take this a bit further you could end up with different looking packages. You got the “family pack”, so what about an “even bigger family pack”, or “student pack”, “single pack”, “crazy cat person pack” . I would adapt the package and make it suitable for all groups of people, so that nobody would feel left out. And add a funny picture and a slogan for each group.

Modify/Magnify By adding something that people care about, the package suddenly seems more important. People care about health, ecology, justice, animals and getting the right salary for a job done. I would make the rice package like a cylinder, and make the lid look like a hat, just like the ones people on the rice market wear. On the cylinder I would print the face of a rice market worker, and add a text saying something about the rice being ecological and fair trade.

Put to other use The other day my oldest son spilled water all over my phone. My cuisine immediately told me to cover the phone in rice. Therefore I would add rice to a ziplock bag and sell it at shops that sells electronics.

Eliminate  I would eliminate the package completely and store the different types of rice in different self service containers in the store. The cooking time would be the same on all types of rice. You could then make your own mix of rice. The bag that you put the rice in will be made of self-dissolving material, so you could just add it directly in to your rice cooker. Less dishes and less garbage.

Rearrange The package could be made to lie down, instead of standing upright. There would be just one small hole at the end where the rice could be poured out. I would have made a flip lid that would stay closed and not open itself, to avoid rice all over the drawers or shelfs. This would be practical both in the store shelfs and in the kitchen.


I think I would have bought the “Boil in Bowl”, but I also liked the self service container, so I ended up with that one.
Since Im a huge fan of the rice cooker, the self-dissolving bags would be a great addition. People usually like to decide everything themselves. So by making the self service container they might get a feeling that they actually could pick out their own rice.

2016-04-10 14.44.23




Rice market pictures






LA- Idea development Q 3.1

Once again the SCAMPER model is used to get the creativity going. This time the task was to apply each of the techniques to a teaspoon, and see what new product that can come out of it, and how the product can be marketed.


Substitute I immediately thought about substituting what the spoon was made of. Since the boys in my family is all hung up on chocolate, that would be my pick. If by making the spoon of chocolate and milk, you would have an easy way to make hot chocolate. Boil hot water, and stir until the spoon dissolves, and you are left with a delicious cup of hot coco.

Combine By adding chopsticks to the shaft you will end up with the ultimate noodle-soup-tool for noobs. “NOODELISKJES”

Adapt  “copy” is one of the trigger words for “adapt” And by copying the teaspoon, and adding the copy at the end of the spoon, you could get a really small paddling oar.

Modify/Magnify Make the bowl wider and sliced up. Add the kitchen tool you use for hacking up you meat at the back. Here you will have the perfect “GUACAMOLE-TOOLE”

Put to other use Enlarge it, bend it where shaft meets bowl and add a hook. You now got a chair for tired parents. The hook is so you can hook the chair to yu kids bedside, so you no longer have to stand when the kids are awake at night.

Eliminate Since the spoon is not made of to many elements, the elimination eliminates it self a bit. Its either the bowl or the shaft that needs to be eliminated. If you eliminate the bowl you are left with the shaft. And I really think the shaft could be more useful than the bowl. You can use it as a stirring tool.

Rearrange By rearranging the components on a teaspoon, you could end up with a really small birdbath.


The “GUACAMOLE-TOOLE” is something that could be sold at an ordinary supermarket. It is perfect for every home and everybody who likes a good guacamole. It makes less dishes, since its an all-in-one tool. I think I would make a cylinder-shaped box that it comes in, so that you can actually make the guacamole in the box. This way its easy to store aswell. By adding a screw lid on the box, the guacamole left overs can be stored in the fridge for later use.
Also I would add the super secret family recipe on the back.




LA – Idea development Q2


One of my learning activities this week was to put the history of Mc Donald`s through the SCAMPER model. SCAMPER is a method to help you be more creative, or to help you solve any problem you might be facing. For those of you not familiar with the SCAMPER model, here is a brief:
ut to other use
 Mc Donalds VS SCAMPER
  • In 1949 the potato chips is substituted with french fries on the menu.
  • In 2007 they substitute the packaging, and in 2008 they did it again, only this time it was the most comprehensive redesign in the brands history.
C ombine
  • Ronald McDonald, the mascot appears for the first time in a national television commercial, so that people can relate to the brand.
  • In 2012 the announce that they will be an Olympic games sponsor in 2020. This way they would be linked to the Olympics and get a lot of pr.
A dapt
  • Ray Kroc visit the brothers restaurant one day in 1954. He is fascinated by their idea and way of driving the place. After bying them out, he adapts their ideas, and make it in to the concept of fast food that we know today.
  • The year of 1962 is the first time a Mc Donald`s restaurant gets inside seating, this happens in Denver, CO. Adapting to what customers want.
  • Mc Donalds made different quotes for people to familiarize; “have you had your break today” in 1995, “did somebody say McDonald`s” in 1997, “I`m loving” in 2003,
M odify/magnify
  • They start to add new things to expand the menu, such as Triple thick milkshake in 1949, big mac in 1968, The Egg McMuffin in 1975, fresh salads in 1987, Fruit `n Yogurt Parfait in 2000, Big N`Tasty in 2001andsnack wrap in 2006.
  • The first international restaurant opens in 1967,expanding the business.
  • 1971 was the year the McDonald`s crew increased. Ronald McDonald was accompanied by Hamburglar, Grimave, Mayor McCheese, Captain Crook , and big mac join Ronald McDonald in McDonaldland.
  • is launched in 1996, boosting the brand on the internet.
  • in 1998 a common operating platform for all McDonald`s kitchens was made, to make the kitchen more flexible and get a greater customization of the menu items.
P ut to other use
  • In 1961 Hamburger University is opened in the basement of a Mc Donald`s restaurant in Illinois. Here  you could actually receive a Bachelor degree in Hamburgerology.
  • All American High School Baskeball team is selected in 1977
  • Fundraising. McHappy day is a day where a certain percentage  of the days sales go to the Ronald McDonald house charities
  • In 2006 the starter their own singing contest among the workers
E liminate
  • The brothers close the restaurant for a bit in 1948. When they reopen it has changed to a self service drive-in restaurant. And they have eliminated a lot from the menu. Narrowing it down to a nine item menu.
R earange
  • The Golden Arches who is the world famous McDonald`s logo comes to life after the current logo underwent huge changes. Thy also rearranged the restaurant so that it got another look.

LA – Idea development Q1

We got four riddles that we were to give an answer to.
Since I`m usually not the best in solving riddles, I thought this was going to be tough. I’m sure some of the answers is not the “correct” answers, but me and my husband really had fun figuring these out. And most important of all, I got the creativity going!


A man is replacing a wheel on his car, when he accidentally drops the four nuts used to hold the wheel on the car. They fall into a deep drain, irretrievably lost. A passing girl offers him a solution that enables him to drive home. What is it?



The passing girl is his girlfriend. She just got out of a bar, and askes him to drive them home in her car, since she just had a couple of beers.


Two Russians walk down a street in Moscow. One Russian is the father of the other Russian’s son. How are they related?


They are either married, or the russian is schizophrenic.


What occurs once in June, once in July and twice in August?

Well.. I’m not sure.. What about U?


Six drinking glasses stand in a row, with the first three full of water and the next three empty. By handling and moving only one glass at a time, how can you arrange the six glasses so that no full glass stands next to another full glass, and no empty glass stands next to another empty glass? What is the minimum number of moves to solve this puzzle?


At first I made the illustration with three moves. While drawing I came up with the “pouring water” answer.