LA – Idea development Q2


One of my learning activities this week was to put the history of Mc Donald`s through the SCAMPER model. SCAMPER is a method to help you be more creative, or to help you solve any problem you might be facing. For those of you not familiar with the SCAMPER model, here is a brief:
ut to other use
 Mc Donalds VS SCAMPER
  • In 1949 the potato chips is substituted with french fries on the menu.
  • In 2007 they substitute the packaging, and in 2008 they did it again, only this time it was the most comprehensive redesign in the brands history.
C ombine
  • Ronald McDonald, the mascot appears for the first time in a national television commercial, so that people can relate to the brand.
  • In 2012 the announce that they will be an Olympic games sponsor in 2020. This way they would be linked to the Olympics and get a lot of pr.
A dapt
  • Ray Kroc visit the brothers restaurant one day in 1954. He is fascinated by their idea and way of driving the place. After bying them out, he adapts their ideas, and make it in to the concept of fast food that we know today.
  • The year of 1962 is the first time a Mc Donald`s restaurant gets inside seating, this happens in Denver, CO. Adapting to what customers want.
  • Mc Donalds made different quotes for people to familiarize; “have you had your break today” in 1995, “did somebody say McDonald`s” in 1997, “I`m loving” in 2003,
M odify/magnify
  • They start to add new things to expand the menu, such as Triple thick milkshake in 1949, big mac in 1968, The Egg McMuffin in 1975, fresh salads in 1987, Fruit `n Yogurt Parfait in 2000, Big N`Tasty in 2001andsnack wrap in 2006.
  • The first international restaurant opens in 1967,expanding the business.
  • 1971 was the year the McDonald`s crew increased. Ronald McDonald was accompanied by Hamburglar, Grimave, Mayor McCheese, Captain Crook , and big mac join Ronald McDonald in McDonaldland.
  • is launched in 1996, boosting the brand on the internet.
  • in 1998 a common operating platform for all McDonald`s kitchens was made, to make the kitchen more flexible and get a greater customization of the menu items.
P ut to other use
  • In 1961 Hamburger University is opened in the basement of a Mc Donald`s restaurant in Illinois. Here  you could actually receive a Bachelor degree in Hamburgerology.
  • All American High School Baskeball team is selected in 1977
  • Fundraising. McHappy day is a day where a certain percentage  of the days sales go to the Ronald McDonald house charities
  • In 2006 the starter their own singing contest among the workers
E liminate
  • The brothers close the restaurant for a bit in 1948. When they reopen it has changed to a self service drive-in restaurant. And they have eliminated a lot from the menu. Narrowing it down to a nine item menu.
R earange
  • The Golden Arches who is the world famous McDonald`s logo comes to life after the current logo underwent huge changes. Thy also rearranged the restaurant so that it got another look.

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