LA – Idea Development Q 3.2

In this learning activity the SCAMPER method was supposed to make you come up with another kind of packaging for rice. Since there is already so many different packages for rice, this was a tough nut to crack.



Substitute By substituting the cardboard box with a braided bamboo bowl, you`ll end up with another kind of boil in bag – the boil in bowl. And after the rice is done boiling, the bowl can be used as both a colander and serving bowl.

Combine I would combine all kinds of rice, and store them in separate containers inside the main container. You could easily make the rice  of your very own preference.

Adapt I like the “family pack” idea. If we take this a bit further you could end up with different looking packages. You got the “family pack”, so what about an “even bigger family pack”, or “student pack”, “single pack”, “crazy cat person pack” . I would adapt the package and make it suitable for all groups of people, so that nobody would feel left out. And add a funny picture and a slogan for each group.

Modify/Magnify By adding something that people care about, the package suddenly seems more important. People care about health, ecology, justice, animals and getting the right salary for a job done. I would make the rice package like a cylinder, and make the lid look like a hat, just like the ones people on the rice market wear. On the cylinder I would print the face of a rice market worker, and add a text saying something about the rice being ecological and fair trade.

Put to other use The other day my oldest son spilled water all over my phone. My cuisine immediately told me to cover the phone in rice. Therefore I would add rice to a ziplock bag and sell it at shops that sells electronics.

Eliminate  I would eliminate the package completely and store the different types of rice in different self service containers in the store. The cooking time would be the same on all types of rice. You could then make your own mix of rice. The bag that you put the rice in will be made of self-dissolving material, so you could just add it directly in to your rice cooker. Less dishes and less garbage.

Rearrange The package could be made to lie down, instead of standing upright. There would be just one small hole at the end where the rice could be poured out. I would have made a flip lid that would stay closed and not open itself, to avoid rice all over the drawers or shelfs. This would be practical both in the store shelfs and in the kitchen.


I think I would have bought the “Boil in Bowl”, but I also liked the self service container, so I ended up with that one.
Since Im a huge fan of the rice cooker, the self-dissolving bags would be a great addition. People usually like to decide everything themselves. So by making the self service container they might get a feeling that they actually could pick out their own rice.

2016-04-10 14.44.23




Rice market pictures






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