LA- Idea development Q 3.1

Once again the SCAMPER model is used to get the creativity going. This time the task was to apply each of the techniques to a teaspoon, and see what new product that can come out of it, and how the product can be marketed.


Substitute I immediately thought about substituting what the spoon was made of. Since the boys in my family is all hung up on chocolate, that would be my pick. If by making the spoon of chocolate and milk, you would have an easy way to make hot chocolate. Boil hot water, and stir until the spoon dissolves, and you are left with a delicious cup of hot coco.

Combine By adding chopsticks to the shaft you will end up with the ultimate noodle-soup-tool for noobs. “NOODELISKJES”

Adapt  “copy” is one of the trigger words for “adapt” And by copying the teaspoon, and adding the copy at the end of the spoon, you could get a really small paddling oar.

Modify/Magnify Make the bowl wider and sliced up. Add the kitchen tool you use for hacking up you meat at the back. Here you will have the perfect “GUACAMOLE-TOOLE”

Put to other use Enlarge it, bend it where shaft meets bowl and add a hook. You now got a chair for tired parents. The hook is so you can hook the chair to yu kids bedside, so you no longer have to stand when the kids are awake at night.

Eliminate Since the spoon is not made of to many elements, the elimination eliminates it self a bit. Its either the bowl or the shaft that needs to be eliminated. If you eliminate the bowl you are left with the shaft. And I really think the shaft could be more useful than the bowl. You can use it as a stirring tool.

Rearrange By rearranging the components on a teaspoon, you could end up with a really small birdbath.


The “GUACAMOLE-TOOLE” is something that could be sold at an ordinary supermarket. It is perfect for every home and everybody who likes a good guacamole. It makes less dishes, since its an all-in-one tool. I think I would make a cylinder-shaped box that it comes in, so that you can actually make the guacamole in the box. This way its easy to store aswell. By adding a screw lid on the box, the guacamole left overs can be stored in the fridge for later use.
Also I would add the super secret family recipe on the back.




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