LA – Understanding positioning Q 1

This is what I consider the positioning of the following logos to be:

Skjermbilde 2016-04-29 kl. 14.38.38


This logo is simple, but appealing. Its only two colors, but I think they really work!
The logo is well known all around the world, and I think a lot of people choose Coca Cola just because its Coca Cola. I know I do. Im a big Coca Cola fan myself, and id rather choose the real deal instead of products that are similar.


This logo has four colors, and some shades. I like the logo, and it fits both the car front and back very well. It looks neat.
I remember as a child i thought it only was a “W”, but as i got older and started reading I could see the “V” aswell.
In my family we have had a few VW, so to me this logo represents a safe and nice car.


As a child this logo represented money to me. And it still does. I also think it represents loyalty and safety. Its an simple and good logo, with its three colors and neat lines. It kind of looks like a flag, and to me that symbolizes that this is a product you can use worldwide. It also has the shape of a credit card, which also is a product it represents.


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