LA – Color Theory Q1

Research and written assignment

1. After watching the video with Nigel French, I have gotten a better understanding of the color systems RGB and CMYK. And here is how I wold explain them with my own words:

This is a additive color system. Meaning that the three colors Red, Green and Blue (RGB) is added together to get the entire spectrum of the colors that the system represent. When combined these colors form white.
RGB is rated in its brightness level. With 0 as the lowest being black, and 255 as the highest being white. The higher the number the brighter the color. RGB appears brighter on screen than on print (CMYK).

This color system is used for on screen images. On monitors, such as computer, television or web. There can be some small changes in the color from monitor to monitor, but nothing big.
The file size of images in RGB is smaller than images in CMYK.


This is a subtractive color system, meaning that if you have the same amount of these colors you get black (subtracting light). CMYK stand for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (black).

CMYK is used for printing, and has four primary colors, unlike RGB with three.
Its rated in percentage from 0-100, with 0 being the lightest and 100 being the darkest shade of the color.


2. The other assignment was to watch the video about Kuler on, and make four color schemes:

This means that the colors has the same hue, but differs in saturation and brightness.Skjermbilde 2016-05-27 kl. 20.35.03.png

Complementary colors is when you have colors on the exact opposite from each other on the color wheel  (polar opposite colors).Skjermbilde 2016-05-27 kl. 21.13.44.png

Means that you have colors based on three distinct places on the color wheel.Skjermbilde 2016-05-27 kl. 21.34.37.png

This means to match colors with adjacent hues (colors next to each other).
Skjermbilde 2016-05-27 kl. 21.45.40


LA – Expressing Meaning

This LA was so much fun! We were given some words, which we were to choose two from. These two words we were going to write in a way that expressed its meaning using color, font, size or some other way to show what the word means other than the word itself. Here is the two I chose.



I got an idea to do a blackboard version of this word. I think that the font and the green blackboard backdrop express the meaning of the word. My thought was to make it like when students had to write one word again and again on the blackboard.


My second word was Contraction.


When I think of the word Contraction, I think of giving birth. Since I got the “contraction-feeling” fresh in my memory, I chose to do this version of the word. The color explains the “pain-scale” and the same with the size of the letters. The A is the top of the contraction, so I made this significant bigger then the others. The red letters also have another shade of red around them to increase the meaning even more.


The third word was a word we were to make ourselves. Something that does not really mean anything, but which only we knew the meaning of.
My word is Sunification.
It means that living in a cold country with lack of sun on your body, you need to go to a warmer place to get some sun. You go on a Sunification!




Here is the sketches I did for this LA:


MA 02 Define issue

A. What defines the target group?
The target group I ended up with was teenagers. And I got an idea to do a sign language based logo really early in the process. There has been a lot in the media about the government putting down deaf schools, and deaf people wanting sign language as a selective course in hearing schools across the country. Eurovision song contest was also translated to sign language on the television this year. There are made a lot of tv shows for kids and teenagers about deaf people and sign language. In America a deaf top model is in a television show called «dance with the stars», so sign language and deaf rights is a hot topic around the world these days.

Its been some time since I was a teenager, luckily my sister still is and she and her boyfriend is a good inspiration.
The specter in this target group is huge! You got everything, computer geeks, fitness freaks, dancers, bookies, bloggers, sportsmen, skiers, photographers, you name it!
A teenager is a person who is in between a kid and an adult. «Teen» comes from the age ending on -teen. People in this group tend to care a lot about up to date news and stories. A lot of deaf teenagers are very active in fighting for their rights, from schools to texting on the television. They are no longer putting up with everything.
Teenagers in general also tend to like sweets and chocholate. They listen to a lot of music, are highly active in everything that has to do with social media. They usually mean a lot, but does not always know what they mean. And they want to decide everything themselves, but are not always sure what to decide. They have a lot of presure, from both family and friends, and its not always easy to make the right decisions.Its been some time since I was a teenager, luckily my sister still is and she and her boyfriend is a good inspiration.
The specter in this target group is huge! You got everything, computer geeks, fitness freaks, dancers, bookies, bloggers, sportsmen, skiers, photographers, you name it!
A teenager is a person who is in between a kid and an adult. Teen comes from the age ending on -teen.


B. Which characteristics should the logo show?
– Something they can relate to.
– Social concerns, such as sign language. It’s really up for debate these days, that norwagian schools should have sign language as a selective course.
– Few but catching colors.
– Youth

The message I would like to send with this logo is that the brand is trustworthy, including, and cares about everyone. Since its a sign language «C» the brand includes minority groups such as hearing disabled. The hand also represents craving, like wanting to grab the chocolate with that hand.

C. The design challenge
I think the challenge with this design is to make something that the target group will find interesting and trustworthy. And to make something that will stand out, and be recognizable.


MA 02 Research

In this MA we are going to make a logo for a chocolate brand called Crave.
Main competitors and their designs:
(I chose a few of the brands I thought were competitors by the brands that we have in Norway.)

A well-known norwegian brand. It has a nice logo with a bird, and it is easy to recognize. It consist
s of both words and a symbol.The brand appeal to all kinds of people because of their versatile specter of chocolate.

Nidar has the  same positioning as Freia, and is also a well-known norwegian brand that is easily recognizable and trusted. like Freia they have a lot of different products that appeal to different types of people. The logo is easy on the eye, and consists only of letters, a word mark logo.

This brand has had some problem to get into the marked, since bigger brands tend to “take to mach space”. They have a good concept and great tasting chocolate. The logo is a symbol, so its a brand mark type of logo.

This brand has a lot of chocolate with kids and teenagers as their target group. Its most common in other countries than Norway, but some products is to be found in shops here aswell.

Their positioning is much like Nestlé. They have the same target group, and much of the same type of products. The flag ship for Kinder I would say is the kinder egg. Its an awesome concept which appeal to both taste, the fact that children like surprises and a toy.

Minde logo
They have an awesome slogan, that makes you want to taste their chocolate. When I read or see this logo, I immediately start to sing the slogan-tune in my head. “Minde sjokolade. Det er lov å la seg friste”. (Norwegian for «Minde chocholate. It is allowed to be tempted»).  The logo is a word mark kind of logo.

Product History

From the start chocolate was consumed as a bitter beverage. The ancient Mesoamericans roasted and grained the cacao beans. hey then brew a chocolate drink of the paste they made of the beans. It was common to mix this past with water, honey, vanilla, chili and other spices.
The chocolate drink was used as a mood enchanter and aphrodisiac by several civilizations. Some people believed the chocolate had mystical power, this resulted in the drink being reserved for warriors, priests and people with power.

In the 1500s Hernàn Cortès who was a spanish cocueastador returned back home to Mexico with chocolate. If you had chocolate you were seen as wealthy and powerfull. It was a luxury to have it. Only the elites i Spain could afford it.
The spanish keept the chocolate a secret for nearly 100 years. After a spanish princess married a branch king and brought him chocolate the secret was no longer a secret. Europe quickly got an interest for this lovely delight, and colonial plantations around equator was established. And the import of African slaves began.
Product Characteristics
In 1828 the Dutch chemist Conrad johannes van Houten invented a revolutionizing chocolate press. This resulted in production costs dropping, and ordinary people could also afford chocholate. 
The press made it possible to make the chocolate as we know it today, as something you can eat.
but it was not until 1847 that the first enable chocolate bar was made by Rudolph Lindt. His machine made it possible to make the slikysmooth good tasting chocolate bars we get in the stores today.

Product characteristics

Chocolate is a product made from roasted beans. You can get it in powder- liquide- go bar form. The more cocoa it has in it the darker it gets. You can also have it al white. Some types of chocolate is for baking, some for drinking and some just for the pleasure. Its often mixed with vanilla to get the sweet taste. But now you can see more and more in stores that brands try out other ingredients to make it more interesting.


LA – Understanding positioning Q 2 and 3

Skjermbilde 2016-04-29 kl. 14.38.56

2. By working backwards, looking at the logo on the Apple iPhone and doing my own research, I came up with these answers for the following questions.
Describe its brand identity – exactly as you see it
I think the Apple brand identity is to make geeky computer stuff that is user-friendly and looks pretty.

What do you think its positioning is currently?
Because go their design, prize and user-friendliness, they have a prominent position in the market, that makes it cool to own an iPhone or other Apple products.
What do you think the strategy for this specific product was?
Steve Jobs wanted to make a touchscreen-device witch was a three-in-one-device. iPod, phone and internet. They wanted to to this according to their brand identity, simple and beautiful. It is neat and classy, which is appealing to most people.
What research do you think was done on this by the company who made it?
I think that the research done on this product was “what does the consumer want, need and use?”.
And by bringing all these three items in to one, they could make one device that would replace the other three. Consumers would still buy computers, since you “need” a mac if you have an iPhone. In this way they could get the consumer to only use their products, or replace their old computer with a mac if they purchased an iPhone.



3. In this task I were to take the same product as in question 2, and explain how the visual element (in this case, the logo) fits in with the brand identity.
I think the logo fits perfect with the brand identity. Its simple and beautiful. Its not excessive, just plain and easy to grasp.
With the logo having no letters, you don`t need an explanation to know that the brand name is Apple. Since it is a true apple.
I think this reflects the intuitiveness of the product and the brand.
They also use just white or gray in their logo, with some shades. This also keeps the simple and clean look.



iPhone history

Apple history – iPhone



LA – Understanding Ideals

We were asked to visit a well-known store like a Nike, Levi, H&M or Ikea store. Since I live in a pretty small town, we don’t have the best alternatives when it comes to choosing well-known stores. We have a “Princess” store though, so I chose that one, since it is well-known in Norway.

Before going to the store I did some research on the internet. I visited their website, and could see that they are interested in the enviroment. They listen to the consumers, and make disisions based on what the consumers want. Such as paying an extra “tax” for using packaging on some of their products that needs packaging for hygiene reasons. They are also interested in making products for everyone. This is reflected on the price of the products, and that they have a good variation in color and style on the products. They have curtains, towels, bed linen, interior, and a childrens line to name some of the products.

Since they want to make products that anyone can use, they take great consern in the fabric and material. Such as allergic friendly fabric.

What brand identity element are they using in their logo?
Their logo is built up by font and a symbol. The font is pretty basic, but I think it does the job. And the symbol is a lovely crown, which symbolizes the brand name. The colors are red and white, and it works. The shape of the logo is rectangular, but it also has a circle arond the brand name and symbol.



What do you think their brand ideal is?
I think their brand ideal is that “everyone could be (or at least feel like) a princess”. And I immediately think of the fairytale with the princess on the pea.

How do they remain true to their brand ideal within their shops?
The product in the store are appealing, and because of the variation in styles I think anyone could find something they like. They have a bed in the store where they put on a “bedsheet of the week” each week. This strengthen the “princess on the pea” feeling for me, and then again give me a feeling that anyone should be a little bit of a princess.

Evaluate the customer experience according to the brand ideal.
After the research I did  I was curious about the packaging and what environmental conserns they adress. I was glad to see that what I read on their website reflected what met me in the store. I did not see any unnecessairy packaging, but just where it is needed for hygenic reasons. They also sold reusable shopping bags, wich the lady in the store was really stoked about.


Evaluate the visual display of the products according to the brand ideal. (For example, if the brand ideal is “value”, is this expressed in the way they display the products?)
As mentioned earlier, the bed they have made makes me get that “princess” feeling. And this is one of the first things you see entering the shop. I really like the way the products are displayed and get a comfy feeling through the whole store. In the section with towels they also have scent oils. I think that is a good idea for the costumer to get a “feel good” spa vibe. All of the products that were made of ecological fabric was well labeled, and posters hanging around the shop reinforces the impression of their enviromental conserns. Even the t-shirts the staff was wearing had a note about that on them.

This assignment was interesting. I liked to do research and then go out to see if the reality was something like what I thought it would be. It was fun to actually go deeper into how and why stores do what they do, and why they display their products like they do. And to find out about the ideals of the brand I visited.