LA – Understanding Ideals

We were asked to visit a well-known store like a Nike, Levi, H&M or Ikea store. Since I live in a pretty small town, we don’t have the best alternatives when it comes to choosing well-known stores. We have a “Princess” store though, so I chose that one, since it is well-known in Norway.

Before going to the store I did some research on the internet. I visited their website, and could see that they are interested in the enviroment. They listen to the consumers, and make disisions based on what the consumers want. Such as paying an extra “tax” for using packaging on some of their products that needs packaging for hygiene reasons. They are also interested in making products for everyone. This is reflected on the price of the products, and that they have a good variation in color and style on the products. They have curtains, towels, bed linen, interior, and a childrens line to name some of the products.

Since they want to make products that anyone can use, they take great consern in the fabric and material. Such as allergic friendly fabric.

What brand identity element are they using in their logo?
Their logo is built up by font and a symbol. The font is pretty basic, but I think it does the job. And the symbol is a lovely crown, which symbolizes the brand name. The colors are red and white, and it works. The shape of the logo is rectangular, but it also has a circle arond the brand name and symbol.



What do you think their brand ideal is?
I think their brand ideal is that “everyone could be (or at least feel like) a princess”. And I immediately think of the fairytale with the princess on the pea.

How do they remain true to their brand ideal within their shops?
The product in the store are appealing, and because of the variation in styles I think anyone could find something they like. They have a bed in the store where they put on a “bedsheet of the week” each week. This strengthen the “princess on the pea” feeling for me, and then again give me a feeling that anyone should be a little bit of a princess.

Evaluate the customer experience according to the brand ideal.
After the research I did  I was curious about the packaging and what environmental conserns they adress. I was glad to see that what I read on their website reflected what met me in the store. I did not see any unnecessairy packaging, but just where it is needed for hygenic reasons. They also sold reusable shopping bags, wich the lady in the store was really stoked about.


Evaluate the visual display of the products according to the brand ideal. (For example, if the brand ideal is “value”, is this expressed in the way they display the products?)
As mentioned earlier, the bed they have made makes me get that “princess” feeling. And this is one of the first things you see entering the shop. I really like the way the products are displayed and get a comfy feeling through the whole store. In the section with towels they also have scent oils. I think that is a good idea for the costumer to get a “feel good” spa vibe. All of the products that were made of ecological fabric was well labeled, and posters hanging around the shop reinforces the impression of their enviromental conserns. Even the t-shirts the staff was wearing had a note about that on them.

This assignment was interesting. I liked to do research and then go out to see if the reality was something like what I thought it would be. It was fun to actually go deeper into how and why stores do what they do, and why they display their products like they do. And to find out about the ideals of the brand I visited.




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