MA 02 Research

In this MA we are going to make a logo for a chocolate brand called Crave.
Main competitors and their designs:
(I chose a few of the brands I thought were competitors by the brands that we have in Norway.)

A well-known norwegian brand. It has a nice logo with a bird, and it is easy to recognize. It consist
s of both words and a symbol.The brand appeal to all kinds of people because of their versatile specter of chocolate.

Nidar has the  same positioning as Freia, and is also a well-known norwegian brand that is easily recognizable and trusted. like Freia they have a lot of different products that appeal to different types of people. The logo is easy on the eye, and consists only of letters, a word mark logo.

This brand has had some problem to get into the marked, since bigger brands tend to “take to mach space”. They have a good concept and great tasting chocolate. The logo is a symbol, so its a brand mark type of logo.

This brand has a lot of chocolate with kids and teenagers as their target group. Its most common in other countries than Norway, but some products is to be found in shops here aswell.

Their positioning is much like Nestlé. They have the same target group, and much of the same type of products. The flag ship for Kinder I would say is the kinder egg. Its an awesome concept which appeal to both taste, the fact that children like surprises and a toy.

Minde logo
They have an awesome slogan, that makes you want to taste their chocolate. When I read or see this logo, I immediately start to sing the slogan-tune in my head. “Minde sjokolade. Det er lov å la seg friste”. (Norwegian for «Minde chocholate. It is allowed to be tempted»).  The logo is a word mark kind of logo.

Product History

From the start chocolate was consumed as a bitter beverage. The ancient Mesoamericans roasted and grained the cacao beans. hey then brew a chocolate drink of the paste they made of the beans. It was common to mix this past with water, honey, vanilla, chili and other spices.
The chocolate drink was used as a mood enchanter and aphrodisiac by several civilizations. Some people believed the chocolate had mystical power, this resulted in the drink being reserved for warriors, priests and people with power.

In the 1500s Hernàn Cortès who was a spanish cocueastador returned back home to Mexico with chocolate. If you had chocolate you were seen as wealthy and powerfull. It was a luxury to have it. Only the elites i Spain could afford it.
The spanish keept the chocolate a secret for nearly 100 years. After a spanish princess married a branch king and brought him chocolate the secret was no longer a secret. Europe quickly got an interest for this lovely delight, and colonial plantations around equator was established. And the import of African slaves began.
Product Characteristics
In 1828 the Dutch chemist Conrad johannes van Houten invented a revolutionizing chocolate press. This resulted in production costs dropping, and ordinary people could also afford chocholate. 
The press made it possible to make the chocolate as we know it today, as something you can eat.
but it was not until 1847 that the first enable chocolate bar was made by Rudolph Lindt. His machine made it possible to make the slikysmooth good tasting chocolate bars we get in the stores today.

Product characteristics

Chocolate is a product made from roasted beans. You can get it in powder- liquide- go bar form. The more cocoa it has in it the darker it gets. You can also have it al white. Some types of chocolate is for baking, some for drinking and some just for the pleasure. Its often mixed with vanilla to get the sweet taste. But now you can see more and more in stores that brands try out other ingredients to make it more interesting.


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