LA – Expressing Meaning

This LA was so much fun! We were given some words, which we were to choose two from. These two words we were going to write in a way that expressed its meaning using color, font, size or some other way to show what the word means other than the word itself. Here is the two I chose.



I got an idea to do a blackboard version of this word. I think that the font and the green blackboard backdrop express the meaning of the word. My thought was to make it like when students had to write one word again and again on the blackboard.


My second word was Contraction.


When I think of the word Contraction, I think of giving birth. Since I got the “contraction-feeling” fresh in my memory, I chose to do this version of the word. The color explains the “pain-scale” and the same with the size of the letters. The A is the top of the contraction, so I made this significant bigger then the others. The red letters also have another shade of red around them to increase the meaning even more.


The third word was a word we were to make ourselves. Something that does not really mean anything, but which only we knew the meaning of.
My word is Sunification.
It means that living in a cold country with lack of sun on your body, you need to go to a warmer place to get some sun. You go on a Sunification!




Here is the sketches I did for this LA:


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