LA – Color theory Q3

The last assignment of this week was to make a book cover. We got to choose from three different books. I decided to give the one I fond most tricky a shot. The trouble started when I could not find anything about the book on the Internet. But I found a book with a similar title by the same author, so I figured that was it and probably just a slip in the assignment papers. If its not a slip, then I have made a book cover on an entirely wrong book!

Anyhow, I read about the book since I have not read it myself. Then I used kuler to fint the colors I wanted to use, and I must say I love kuler! The colors used on the cover was going to be analogous and represent disagreement and discontent. I figured out red, black and orange would be appropriate. After doing some research on the book, I found out that the two main female characters used blue and red colored nun wear. So I decided to have blue as a color aswell. Fortunately kuler let me have it my way, and I ended up with this as my result. The cover was also going to have the title and authors name on it.
I would loved to have had some more time with this assignment. It was fun and interesting.

Book cover 2


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