LA – Delving Deeper Into the History of Photography Q 2

Question 2

Research, written and practical assignment.

Go to the library or search on the Internet and find a photograph from the 19th century (taken before 1900). Write a short “think piece” about this photograph. You are free to select any image you would like to write about, as long as the photograph was taken during the 19th century. Examine the photograph carefully and write about what you see and what the photograph makes you think about. Some (but not all) things you could consider are:

What does the photograph tell you about the photographer?
What does it tell you about the subject of the image?
Does the technical quality of the image (or lack thereof) help or hinder the success of the photograph?
Where did the photographer stand when he or she took this picture?
How does his or her camera position or angle affect the outcome of the image?
Why does this picture interest you?
In short, tell me what you think about the image in your own words. This assignment is to be written in a word processor (doc, docx or pdf) and uploaded to your WordPress blog. The image you are writing about should be included as an embedded image in your paper.

Here is my Think Piece. The photo I used for this assignment was “the crawlers” by John Thomsen.





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