MA – 03 Illustration work prosess

  • Pick a song for the illustration (poster)
    Fuck deg helsing 90-talet by Daniel Kvammen
  • Concept development and research:
    1. Idea development. Focus on your target
    – tankekart, eget ark
    – moodboard – Pinterest

    2. Illustration Styles
    – Plain background – one color
    – multiple shapes in different colors around the object
    – vector glases on the object
    – 90s clothes/hair

    3. Sketching; idea sketches, working sketchs and presentation sketches.
    – egne ark


  • Photo ideas
    – 90s clothes, hairpins, choker, Dr. martins, 501, crop top, Adidas jacket.
    – Full figure arms down, full figure focus on hand, eye with the middle finger, rock siscors fu, “høg fingerhelsing”, full figure showing nokia, person on tv conquer pose
  • Vector ideas
    – patterns – sketches sheet
    – Nokia game snake as a hand


– clearer subtitles-to get a better overview
– more and bigger digital sketches from all of the working prosess
– bigger moodboard
– color samples, not only the color code
– more references from research (if I have)
– categorize the references




High Key

High key

1/500 s
ISO 400


This photo was shot outside on a cloudy day. I was actually going for another look with her laying on the ground on a white blanket, and me shoting from the second floor. At that point her hair was like a circle around her head. I actually got really satisfied with the result, but decided to try something else aswell.

I tried with different lenses and poses, but ended up with liking this one the best. In this photo she was laying on a box with her head outside the box so that her hair would blow in the wind. I was standing on a chair over her to get as high as I needed to get her in frame. On the ground I had a white blanket to get the look I wanted.

I did some research about what defines a high key photo. One of the main things is to eliminate any harsh shadows, and make it bright and cheerful. Often this kinds of photographs is used in studio photography, product, food or in photographs where the subject is beautiful, high-quality, pure or up-scale in nature.