LA -Exposure Basics Q2

Question 2

1.Watch the video on Explore your individual camera according to the lessons.
Digital Photography Principles: The Camera by Ben Long (1h 52m)

2.Complete the exercise files in Chapter 1 and 2 from your From Snapshots to Great Shots textbook

Chapter 1:

Equipment inventory:

What I have: Nikon d90, 50 mm, 18-105 with UV filter, a couple of memory cards, one battery with charger, camera bag, lense cleaner,

What I need: tripod, flash, more lenses

Since my equipment is bought im 2009-2010, I dont know the exact cost or purchase date.

(The rest of the assignments on chapter 1 and 2 was practical assignments)

3.Take five pictures every day for the next five days. The subjects of your pictures can include a series of different objects, people and landscapes. Apply the manual settings as explained in your textbook. Submit your six best pictures with its settings:
Shutter speed


ISO 200
Aperture f/9
Shutter speed1/320 s

ISO 400
Aperture f/25
Shutter speed 1/40 s

DreinthedarkISO 400
Aperture f/13
Shutter speed 1/30 s

TbearBlueberryISO 200
Aperture f/5,6
Shutter speed 1/60 s


ISO 200
Aperture f 4/5
Shutter speed 1/3200 s

PipeinthewoodsISO 200
Aperture f/4
Shutter speed 1/40 s


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