MA 04 – Layout – Work Prosses

“The art of boiling water” is a fictional cookbook. You are to design the layout of this book and show examples of how the pages should look. In the book, you will use one serif font and one sans serif font.

The book will consist of the following: 

  • Title Page
  • Imprint (Norwegian; kolofon)
  • Table of Contents
  • Foreword
  • 4 recipes –  4 spreads (Norwegian; oppslag)




Research and work process

  • Creative methods

After reading the assignment I went straight to my bookshelf. I knew that I had  a  Jamie Oliver cook book there, and wanted to see if maybe I wanted to make something a bit similar since it was the same chef.
I also went through the rest of my cook books. Everything from baby food to recipes from the well known Norwegian chef, Ingrid Espelid Hovig.

I drew the different grid-systems from the different books to have something to work off of. This was very helpful. I also added the different margins to get a sense of how it is done.

I picked up some ideas from the different books, and from the learning videos on Lynda. Both about the different colored for the different frames. And for the page numbers on the top page.

When I was searching for inspiration for the title page, and the pages without recipes I had to go back to my book shelf. I have a lot of books, and then also a lot of inspiration for this task.

I checked out wich of the fonts I already had in my InDesign, and went to download the other ones. I faced some problems when I tried to download them, and just got the message that I had to try again later. This made it difficult for me to check out with of the fonts that fit well together.
I decided to google the different fonts to see if there were any information about the different ones.

  • Inspirational methods

For inspiration I made a moodboard on pinterest. Where I added pins about different types of layouts, design principles and fonts.

I also used my books to see what actually works on print.
For the title page I searched through a good amount of my books, and actually found it more inspirational to «see and feel» the layout, than to watch it on screen.


My final result:


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