GRAP – In general

Interpretation of the task

GRAP was our 1st semester exam in Graphic Design 1 studies. The brief from Noroff said to: “develop an authentic graphic design project for a real client. You must approach a suitable client yourself, and maintain a client-designer relationship throughout the project period.” By combining the learning outcomes from the whole semester, the final products should be printed products.


Before the exam could start I had to deliver a Product Description and a Shedule for the work towards a finished product. This had to be approved before I could start my exam. I had to rewrite my Product Description and Shedule one time before it was approved, just to have enough work during the weeks of the exam.

In addition to the products themselves, I had to make a Profile Manual for the company. This manual should describe the products I had made and how to use fonts, placing of imagery and so on in the products.


Car Decal

This was the only product wher I had trouble following grids and guides. I talked to the printer and asked what would be the neatest. To follow the lines on the car or not. Since this car was a bit difficult to make decal on because of the lines I had to think a bit outside the box. But after trying out with some different imagery, I finaly found something I really liked! As for the text, I wanted to use the same font that I had used on the previous products, to get a conection between the products.



For the postcards I think it was difficult to go to far out of the box. While doing my research I found a lot of different alternative ways to make postcards. But for the product to be in the clients “spirit” I had to make it kind of regular. The only thing I was thinking about was that the pictures should match as good as possible, both in color and content. Two of the cards were only with one picture. This pictures are drone pictures and says alot about what the client has to offer. Thats why we decided that this was a good idea.
On the back of the cards I wanted to do something a bit different. On some of the cards i added a black and white overview-drawing of the buildings that the client consists of. I thought this would be a good and fun addition to what the front of the cards was representing. I also added the name, address, phone number and  web address in the middle. For the other cards I used the same vector element that I used on the front of the brochure. This to make a connection between the products. The client thought both of them were good and fun ideas. And on the print it turned out very nice.


Water Park Brochure and Poster


In general, the first panel should grab attention. The second, third, and fourth panels contain the bulk of the information. The fifth panel is a good place for testimonials or endorsements. And the sixth panel is a good place for a call to action as well as your contact information. When it comes to choosing typefaces, keep things simple.

-Nigel French


The brief said that the product should be a six page A5 folder. But afer I did some research and checked out other formats and how they worked in rel life I proposed a change. The client was a bit sceptical at first, but decided to go for the double gate folder. I made a smal verson in indesign an showed to them and they were so exited.
When I started out with the design I only had the “old” pictures. and during the time I was making me and the photographer shot the rest of the pictures. I shot the picture I wanted to use as a background picture, just of water and some star lamps in the roof, This I made for all of the eight panels of the brochure. By mirroring them I could get an effect so that it blended better that just putting them next to eachother. Her I wanted a clean design aswell. I often think brochures for water parks and amusement park drown in its own message, and did not want for this to happen on my products. So I followed the grid and guidelines to make a neat layout.



The product that I was supposed to start with was the Brochure “40 years of development”. Due to some problems getting all of the text I had to wait with this one. But when I finally got to start, it was a really fun product to work with!