GRAP – In general

Interpretation of the task

GRAP was our 1st semester exam in Graphic Design 1 studies. The brief from Noroff said to: “develop an authentic graphic design project for a real client. You must approach a suitable client yourself, and maintain a client-designer relationship throughout the project period.” By combining the learning outcomes from the whole semester, the final products should be printed products.


Before the exam could start I had to deliver a Product Description and a Shedule for the work towards a finished product. This had to be approved before I could start my exam. I had to rewrite my Product Description and Shedule one time before it was approved, just to have enough work during the weeks of the exam.

In addition to the products themselves, I had to make a Profile Manual for the company. This manual should describe the products I had made and how to use fonts, placing of imagery and so on in the products.


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