Water Park Brochure and Poster


In general, the first panel should grab attention. The second, third, and fourth panels contain the bulk of the information. The fifth panel is a good place for testimonials or endorsements. And the sixth panel is a good place for a call to action as well as your contact information. When it comes to choosing typefaces, keep things simple.

-Nigel French


The brief said that the product should be a six page A5 folder. But afer I did some research and checked out other formats and how they worked in rel life I proposed a change. The client was a bit sceptical at first, but decided to go for the double gate folder. I made a smal verson in indesign an showed to them and they were so exited.
When I started out with the design I only had the “old” pictures. and during the time I was making me and the photographer shot the rest of the pictures. I shot the picture I wanted to use as a background picture, just of water and some star lamps in the roof, This I made for all of the eight panels of the brochure. By mirroring them I could get an effect so that it blended better that just putting them next to eachother. Her I wanted a clean design aswell. I often think brochures for water parks and amusement park drown in its own message, and did not want for this to happen on my products. So I followed the grid and guidelines to make a neat layout.


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