MA 1 – Photography

Night Photo – hint: slow sync

1/5 s
ISO 200
18-105@18 mm

This photo was shot during a sailing trip this summer. Since I have a little boy who is awake a lot at night, I got to see both sunrises and sunsets. This photo was shot “through” the steering wheel of the boat. I shot from different angles and with different focus points, but ended up liking this one best.

Freeze water – hint: fast shutter speedfreeze-water

1/320 s
ISO 200
18-140@66 mm

I had trouble figuring out how to do the “freeze water” photo. But although there is some motion blur on some of the water on this picture, I got to freeze some of it. This was taken while this little boy were helping his father watering the concrete this summer.

“Misty / veil” – hint: slow sync


1/2000 s
ISO 250
18-105@85 mm

One day when it was really cold the ski resort were making snow with their snow guns. At this point the sun was just rising above the mountain and made the fog and snow from the snow guns almost look like the forrest was on fire. I ended up with a lot of different photos with different angles and settings. But I liked this one best. Although its a bit dark in the front, I liked the dramatic look it has. And with settings that made the picture brighter I did not get the same look.

The golden section – hint: compositiongolden-section

f 4/5
1/1000 s
ISO 200
18-140@18 mm

This is a photo that was taken during a race called “Prestholt opp”. There is made stairs from a cabin and up to Hallingskarvet. So that the top of the mountain is easier to get to for a lot of people. If you look closely you can see the people all the way to the top. This photo is a bit special to me, since its my grandmother in the purple jacket. She had a breast cancer treatment a couple of years ago, and now she is in good shape, and can go hiking in the mountains.

This photo was cropped a bit to fit exactly with the snail house for golden section.


Motion – hint: shutterMotion.jpg


1/30 s
ISO 250
50 mm

To get the motion picture, I wanted something fast. And what better than something with engine? I had to try out with different lenses, settings and angles to get a shot where there were motion, but stil something in focus.

Contrast – hint: dark-light, big-tinycontrast

20,00 s
ISO 125
18-105@52 mm

This is a “dont jugde, you dont know” photo.

It took a lot of work and planning. I made a “studio” in one of my storage rooms. My intention was to “split” two items, using manual lighting and a dark board to “hide” the items one at a time.  I placed my camera on a tripod and were supposed to “split” a persons head and a rose. Due to the focus shifting this was rather complicated. I tried out with bullets and a rose and my wedding shoe and one of my husbands worn out sneakers. But ended up with the bullets and my wedding shoe.
To be able to take this photo I had to make a black background, place the different elements on it. The shoe is actually laying over the bullets. Then by turning out the lights, hiding one item at a time, and manually light up the items I were able to get this shot.

Low key or high key – hint: exposure

High key

1/500 s
ISO 400

This photo was shot outside on a cloudy day. I was actually going for another look with her laying on the ground on a white blanket, and me shoting from the second floor. At that point her hair was like a circle around her head. I actually got really satisfied with the result, but decided to try something else aswell.

I tried with different lenses and poses, but ended up with liking this one the best. In this photo she was laying on a box with her head outside the box so that her hair would blow in the wind. I was standing on a chair over her to get the hight I needed to get her in frame. On the ground I had a white blanket to get the look I wanted.

I did some research about what defines a high key photo. One of the main things is to eliminate any harsh shadows, and make it bright and cheerful. Often this kinds of photographs is used in studio photography, product, food or in photographs where the subject is beautiful, high-quality, pure or up-scale in nature.

Curves and lines – hint: composition


1/30 s
ISO 320
50 mm

This “curves and lines” photo I actually had other plans for. I already this summer knew that I wanted to do the curves and lines photo of the tracks from a snow cat. But due to a really bad winter up until now I had to redo my thinking.

I was on the boat over to Denmark when I saw the lines they had on one of their carpets. And I thought that by adding a pair of skues I would get both curves and lines in my photo.
The fairy was crowded, but I knew that I wanted the photo to be taken from the floor, so I had to lay down on the floor to get my shoot. I got a lot of weird looks as well.

I tried out with different lenses and settings before I lied down, to get the shot the way I wanted.
I cropped it a bit different when I got it on screen, just to get it more in thirds than it originally was.

Drawing with Light – hint: slow sync

2,00 s
ISO 125
18-105@18 mm

This was such a cool picture to work with. When I got the assignment I knew that I wanted to make at least one of the pictures a skiing picture. My husband inspired me to do the drawing with light as a skiing picture, inspired by a Nike ACG shot he had been to in 2005, where they had used a similar effect for one of their ads.
One night when the free ski group had their traing, I went over to get my shot. I used a rack for my camera, and tried out different settings to get the right one. One of the kids was standing by a jump while my husband jumped with two cellphones with flashlight, making “waves”. We had to try it out a number of times for everything to be right. But I am very happy with the result. And think this one is outside the box.

Depth – hint: first, middle and background


1/60 s
ISO 200
18-140@60 mm

This picture was taken during a walk in the forrest this autumn. My youngest son loves berries, and I shot this while he was sitting in a field of blueberries.
I had my different lenses with me, and tried out with different settings. But to get the shot I wanted I used this one, and went for the settings that made both the middle and the background blurry.


One thought on “MA 1 – Photography

  1. You have really beautiful pictures too!! I love the misty / veil. It seemed that I never got to see the misty no matter how late or early I woke up. I also like the highkey. Really nine!!


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