GRAM – in general

GRAM is a portfolio with the most important work I have done this semester.
Im presenting the Mandatory Assignments I have been working on this year.
MA 01 – Photography is the assignment I got to work on the longest.
MA 02 – Logo is a assignment where I made a logo for a fictive chochlate brand called crave.
MA 03 – Illustration was to make a illustration for a song, without the ability to use text.
MA 04 – Layout was to make a layout for a cook book.
The different assignments made me work in different Adobe platforms, exploring the oppertunities each one of them gave. Both InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat and Bridge.

I have also added some of the Learning activities (LA) from this semester. This to show some more of my work, and what an exciting journey it has been throughout this semester.
This has been a fun year, and I have learned so much.

Design choices
I started out thinking about the portfolio early this semester. I checked out other portfolios to get inspired. It was important to me that my portfolio would reflect me as a designer, and still be neat and simple enough to not drown the work I am representing.

I really wanted a clean look, so the only colors I wanted to use was, black, white and red. For the hyperlinks I left them with the color they originaly have, to keep it clean.

I played around with the fonts I found at Typekit, and went through the different categories. I knew I wanted something a bit “square” and imidiatly fell in love with the “Orator Std”.  To mach this a bit “bold” font I wanted to go for something a little more subtil for the body text, and found “Adobe Caslon Pro” to be a good choice. I feel like the fonts play well together, and match the look I want to have on my portfolio.




Here is a PDF of my Portfolio


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