LA -Get the basics right Pt. 2

Part two

Was to search the web for great and bad websites, 10 in each group. To do this, I had a hard time figuring out how to get to the good and the bad websites. I googled “bad websites”, but the ones that popped up were to obvious. I decided to google different topics, like publishers, car dealers, movies, and so on. This made me look through a lot of web pages that I would not have discovered elsewhere.
This was a fun and task I learned a lot from! And I found out that some pages I actually found “busy” was also some of the ones that I liked. So even though a lot of the websites had a lot of the same layout, some could be great websites and some could be bad to me.

10 sites you would consider to be great websites.

  1. Drammen Kino, – I like this one, since its clean,  the eyes wander natural, you imidiatly see what movies that is showing, and its easy to navigate through.
  2. Finansportalen, – I like this one a lot, it does not have any over the top effects, its clean and easy to understand, everything you need is right there, or you can easily see where to find it, and you dont have to scroll forever.
  3. Bazar forlag, – This one actually has a design-type that I dont like personally. But I think this particular page has pulled it of anyway. The usage of font, and placing of the different textboxes is neat, although the layout is busy. So I think this one is a good one.
  4. Spahuset, – I think this is a clean but exiting page. It is easy to understand what its about at first glance, and it has a lot of imagery and information placed in what I think is clever places.
  5. Son spa, – this one I like a lot. It has clean lines, clean colors, a clear message and great layout
  6. Color Line, – I think this is a clean and easy to understand website. Which also is very important for this kind of website.
  7. Setra, – I really like the look and feel of this website. It also is a neat and clean site.
  8. Peer Gynt, – I like the clean feeling, although it is a website with a lot of information.
  9. Utne camping, – This is also a webpage with a lot of information, but I think they have managed to pull of a clean look.
  10. Knif trygghet, – this has a good look and feel. And due to it being an insurance page I think that is really important. Its easy to get to what you need.

10 sites you consider bad web sites.

  1. Stat travel, – I personally dont like this because I think its to busy. Both in colors, text and placing of the different elements.
  2. Startsiden, – I think this is a very busy website. It has a lo of ads, and I have trouble getting through the content
  3. Bussreiser, – this is a very “simple” website. But due to the usage of font and color I find it a bit busy
  4. Furustrand, – although this actually has a neat design, I think it gets to busy with the images, font and coloring of text.
  5. Gjensidige, – this is also a website with a clean look. But I get a bit disturbed by the boxes not being aligned and the different sizes of them.
  6. Bergen kommune, – This one is also a busy site. It has three columns with a lot of different content, which makes it a bit to busy.
  7. Made in China, – when I got to this website, I was actually doing a Google search for “water park”. So when I got into this site, I really had no clue what the page was about. It was very busy! But when I realized what it was about, I also realized why it was so busy.
  8. Hotellet, – This is a simple website. It is a bit busy due to font sizing.
  9. Bafta, – To much going on with animation and images and text.
  10. Tryg forsikring, – This is just to busy for me. I think that a webpage like this should be simple and clean.



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