LA – Providing Your Own Hosting Service

For this LA we were to make our own hosting service. This LA was mandatory, because we are going to use the web site for the rest of the semester.

We could choose which hosting service we would like to use, but the school recommended, so I went with that.

One of the things we had to consider well was the name of our site. I actually wanted to go for ehdesign, but both .com and .no was already in use. .org was available, but since there already was an .com and .no I decided to go for something else. I could have used it for my advantage, so that if people had typed the wrong address, they would have come to my page, but I wanted something for my own. Thats why I went with It does not say anything about it being a design web page, but it is versatile and I like it.

I tried to personalize the page, but ended up with a wordpress blog or something, nothing like the design i had made. I do not at all get this thing, and find the design part of the it really hard. And I have no idea how to fix this problem. So I think and hope that things will only go up up up from here…



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