For the postcards I think it was difficult to go to far out of the box. While doing my research I found a lot of different alternative ways to make postcards. But for the product to be in the clients “spirit” I had to make it kind of regular. The only thing I was thinking about was that the pictures should match as good as possible, both in color and content. Two of the cards were only with one picture. This pictures are drone pictures and says alot about what the client has to offer. Thats why we decided that this was a good idea.
On the back of the cards I wanted to do something a bit different. On some of the cards i added a black and white overview-drawing of the buildings that the client consists of. I thought this would be a good and fun addition to what the front of the cards was representing. I also added the name, address, phone number and  web address in the middle. For the other cards I used the same vector element that I used on the front of the brochure. This to make a connection between the products. The client thought both of them were good and fun ideas. And on the print it turned out very nice.



The product that I was supposed to start with was the Brochure “40 years of development”. Due to some problems getting all of the text I had to wait with this one. But when I finally got to start, it was a really fun product to work with!



Newspaper ad

I´m done with the first product for my client. I was supposed to start with something else, but due to text and imagery not being finished, I had to switch things up.

The newspaper ad is a full page ad in two different newspapers. And I am really exited! One is to be printed on Saturday, and the other one on Monday. I´m looking forward to see them in print.

It was so much fun working on this, and trying out different layouts, fonts, spacing, vectors etc. And what I personally preferred was not necessarily what I ended up with, since its a real client.