LA – Print preparation Q3

The last LA of week 11 was to watch two videos on Lynda and do the exercise files belonging to each one.

I was not really sure what the task meant, and how I was supposed to submit it. But I did the different exercise files while watching the videos. These were very interesting and I learned a lot. I’m adding some screenshots from my work.

These past couple of weeks has been a lot of hard work, and Im so happy that I got to finish my LAs, MA 04 and Product description&schedule edition.
Tomorrow I start with my exam, so wish me luck!!

Nigel French-Designing a Magazine Layout.


LA – Print preparation Q2

The task was to make a simple dummy 20-page magazine style brochure combining dynamic typography and photography. We could use placeholder text for body copy. And for the magazine, we were to use a spot varnish for the cover and design it using two spot color.

Before making the PDF and packaging the file, I made use of my check list for printing.

I decided to make a magazine with the art of Banksy:

Paper weight and type:
90 GSM Cover

Perfect binding

The task said to submit the print-ready file packaged from InDesign as well as a print-ready PDF. I couldn’t manage to upload the package folder and decided to make screenshots of them instead.



LA – Print preparation Q1

The task was to design my own printing checklist.

My printing checklist:

Live area-all important images and text has to be inside the live area
Trim line-make sure all elements are inside this line
Bleed-minimum 3mm
Crop marks-apply crop marks
Ordinary black/rich black– Ordinary black best for body copy and bar codes, rick black best to use when you print solid blocks of black
Fonts-are all fonts right, right size, an correctly placed
Spell check-make sure everything is correct
CMYK-the color MUST be CMYK, not RGB
Images-are all images at least 300ppi?
Format-make sure the format is right
Paper GSM-use the paper GSM fitted for the format of the print